meet kathleen



My life journey has led me to yoga for many reasons.  It began with a desire to stay fit and healthy while pregnant with my first child.  Through the years I tried many other forms of exercise, ultimately leading me back to the tranquility of yoga.  Yoga poses provide everything I need to strengthen my muscles while remaining flexible.  Yoga principles provide everything I need to calm my mind and soothe my soul through difficult times.  

Life is good no matter what!



Wellness through yoga has become my passion.  I found that the principles of yoga have helped me in all areas of my life:  physical, mental and spiritual.  Every problem has a resolution, and you can find it on your yoga mat.  Allowing time for self care is important to your well being.  Yoga principles teach us to release ourselves from stress and sadness, and to find joy in all things.  This joy allows us to "find" ourselves as we learn to see ourselves in a new light. 

 Let your light shine!



There is no time like the present.  

Yesterday is gone.  Tomorrow is not promised.  

Today is a gift, which is why it is called the precious present.  

Begin TODAY to change your life, your health, your finances, 

your relationships with others and with yourself. 

 Explore who YOU really are and let your love light shine!